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Radon Testing – 2 Easy Steps. If there is a problem, you can still fix it, even if your basement is already finished. step 1 buy and use 2 home radon test kits. place both test kits in your basement. Let the first sit there for about 4 days then you mail it to a lab in Texas and they send you back the results.

If you’re buying a house in Minnesota and you want to have it tested for radon as part of your inspection contingency, here’s a list of six items that the EPA says you should consider before you have the test conducted. Where the radon test will be located. The radon test should be placed in the lowest level of the home that could be used regularly, whether it’s finished or not. I’ve said before that radon tests should never be placed in crawl spaces, but what if the basement ceiling.

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HouseMaster, the Leader in Home Inspections, Explains What Radon is, Where it Comes From, and What You Need to Know to Protect Your Family.

If your answer is no, then you should have your home tested, at the very least. Many people believe radon testing and mitigation are expensive, but they actually are not. To be honest, no one wants to pay money to remedy a problem in a house they will no longer live in, but it’s still necessary.

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