Michael Haim and Aaron Fraser: A man saw his father kill his mom in his childhood

As crimeonline previously reported, when Fraser, now 29, was a young boy who went by the name Aaron Haim, he told a child social services investigator that his dad hurt his mom, according to The Florida Times-Union. That statement came within 48 hours after his mother, Bonnie disappeared from her Jacksonville home on January 7, 1993.

A man who saw his father kill his mother when he was just three years old dug up her skull in the backyard of their family home 20 years later, landing his estranged dad in prison. Aaron Fraser – previously named Aaron Haim – was a toddler when he witnessed his father, Michael Haim, murder his 23-year-old mother, Bonnie Haim, RadarOnline.com reported.

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Fraser’s mother, Bonnie Haim, disappeared from their Jacksonville home in January 1993. Her remains weren’t discovered until 2014 when Fraser was doing renovations on his childhood house. His.

In 2014, just over two decades after Bonnie Haim was killed, a 24-year-old Aaron Fraser was awarded his childhood home in a wrongful-death lawsuit against his father. A water leak led him to dig up the backyard searching for the source, and, under a concrete slab, he found his mum’s badly decomposed remains.

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When Aaron Fraser was 3, his mother disappeared, and the little boy told police he had seen his father shoot and kill her, News4Jax reports.. Michael Haim told police his wife ran off after an.

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When Aaron Fraser began excavating behind his childhood home in Jacksonville, Florida, as part of a renovation in 2014, he made a gruesome discovery: human remains. They were the skull and bones of.