New thriller ‘Crawl’ features Category 5 hurricanes, gigantic alligators

A young woman and her father find themselves trapped beneath their Florida family home during a category 5 hurricane – and surrounded by ravenous alligators – in Crawl, a nifty new thriller from director alexandre aja (haute tension, The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D).. As a hurricane warning sends residents fleeing their homes, competitive swimmer Haley Keller (Kaya Scodelario), at a Florida.

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That’s exactly what director Alexandre Aja’s Crawl will do, as it shows a father and daughter trying to survive both a category 5 hurricane and a pack of angry alligators. claustrophobic thrills.

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Paramount’s disaster thriller “Crawl” should secure the best start among this weekend’s new releases. forced to escape a relentless attack from a pack of alligators after a massive hurricane hits.

James Corden proved to be in great spirits despite a tumultuous week which saw him cause fury after making jokes that appeared to make light of the. spoke out to The New York Times this week, New thriller ‘crawl’ features category 5 hurricanes, gigantic alligators That’s exactly what director Alexandre Aja’s Crawl will do, as it shows a.

Crawl’ Review: See You Later, Alligator – The New York Times New thriller ‘Crawl’ features Category 5 hurricanes, gigantic. A new horror film named ‘Crawl’ gives Florida gators their.

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19 albino alligator eggs laid at Florida animal park New thriller ‘Crawl’ features Category 5 hurricanes, gigantic alligators Yes, meth-addicted alligators.

New thriller ‘Crawl’ features Category 5 hurricanes, gigantic alligators Pence rallies ‘Latinos for Trump’ in Miami 3 tourists remain in South Florida hospital after Bahamas bus crash

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