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Can a judgement creditor force the sale of a debtor’s home? Question Details: My mom and dad owe about $3000 in debt for windows. Can the sheriff sheriff sale their home for this? I think they may have had a judgement hearing. Parents aren’t saying that. Just that they had to go to a JPs office and were told to pay $300 a monthtowards window debt.

A "secured" creditor has taken a mortgage or other lien on property as collateral for the loan. Common examples are car loans and home mortgages. You can force secured creditors to take payments over time in the bankruptcy process and bankruptcy can eliminate your obligation to pay any additional money if your property is taken.

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The scores offered by these credit reporting agencies is based on the information found on your credit report and is during your home loan process. Remember, changes to your credit reports and credit scores can derail the home loan process at any time. The lender may check your credit score just hours before your loan is finalized.

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My Mortgage Company is stealing my money–and my home! A new definition of "Home Robbery". Jack now concentrates his efforts on helping other homeowners avoid home robberies at his site fighting mortgage servicing fraud:. If a mortgage company does a loan modification, you have it in.

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Judgment creditors can force the sale of your home to get paid, Can a judgment creditor foreclose on my home?. but there is a mortgage on the property for $100,000, then the home is exempt from seizure. This is because the debtor has $75,000 in equity but there is a $75,000 exemption.

There are strict rules as to what a creditor can and cannot take if you default on a loan. Typically, you default on a loan if you don’t make your monthly payments in full and on time. But you could also be in default if, for example, you don’t maintain insurance coverage on a car you financed.