Georgia mayor accused of withholding job candidate because he was black

The mayor of Hoschton, Georgia, a nearly all-white community 50 miles northeast of Atlanta, allegedly withheld a job candidate from consideration for city administrator because he was black, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigation has found.

Reading the letter, Eddie Carthan could not help feeling he was the victim of a cruel joke. In four curt paragraphs, the state auditor of Mississippi gave the 69-year-old civil rights leader and.

Ireland elected its first black mayor thursday, the latest sign of how rapid. His application was rejected because of insufficient evidence he had personally suffered persecution, but he gained.

The mayor of a Georgia town is accused of keeping an applicant for a city job out of contention because the man was black, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that a Georgia Mayor is accused of discriminating against a candidate because he is black because she reportedly did not believe her town was ready for it.

Looming even larger is Trump, who fanned the racist conspiracy that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, said a federal judge couldn’t rule on a lawsuit against him because he was “Mexican,”.

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Still, their candidate lost. Democrats in Florida and Georgia awoke Wednesday feeling a complicated mix of emotions after two rising black political. who had accused DeSantis of using a racist slur.

A Georgia mayor who has been in the midst of controversy since revelations surfaced that she refused to consider a municipal job candidate because he is Black, is facing calls to resign, the.

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