Defeat Your Self-Doubt With Courage & Capability

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As a parent, how much do you even realise that you are your children’s number one life coach? When it comes to coaching your kids, do not underestimate your role as a parent, and please do not be lazy playing that role in your children’s lives.

Self-doubt shows up as perfectionism, procrastination, hiding, over-delivering, downplaying your achievements, people pleasing, constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling like an imposter. But self-doubt has absolutely nothing to do with your capability or your destiny. If you are fed up with self-doubt holding you back, I can help.

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Do you feel confident, assured, and at peace with yourself?. at the root of insecurity and many flower essences that can help us overcome them. Sometimes you may live with terror and doubt about your ability to deal with adversity.. This is the essence to use when you feel defeated or unable to find courage in face of.

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between Homer’s characters and the theme of courage. Although, most do not even know how to define courage, for the actions just come to heart. Courage can be defined as the first step to bravery; to stand up-literally and figuratively-when no other person dares to. The Odyssey, being filled with acts of bravery, is about a man named Odysseus.

The simple truth is that you don't trust yourself with big life decisions. You're afraid that you won't be able to succeed, endure, or beat the odds.. At various points, my lack of trust in my own ability left me living in a city I hated,. Instead, screw your courage to it's sticking point and see what happens when.