The home affordable modification program (hamp) was available to help homeowners at risk of default, by providing the borrower with affordable and sustainable monthly payments.

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The mortgage bankers association revealed a new program proposal on Friday that is designed to be successor program to the Home Affordable Modification Program, which is scheduled to wrap up at the.

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Considerations for Warehouse Mortgage Lenders – Berger Singerman Law Blog Warehouse lending works a bit like a personal home equity loan. Generally, the mortgage banker opens a line of credit with the warehouse lender and uses that money to provide mortgage loans. Once the mortgage is sold, the money is paid back and the line of credit is available again for the next loan.

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Struggling with mortgage payments? The Making Home Affordable program offers harp, HAMP, HAFA, and other mortgage relief programs.

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In the meantime, modifications that occurred under the HAMP rules will require the industry’s attention for years to come.

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