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Jim Ficken has received nearly $30000 in fines from the city for his. Ari Bargil of the Institute for Justice is representing Ficken free of charge.

Jim Fick doesn't argue that his yard should have been mowed when he was out of town, but he doesn't think he should lose his home over.

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The city of Dunedin, FL, is foreclosing on Jim Ficken's home because. the Institute for Justice, agreed to take on the case at no cost to Ficken.

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Jim Ficken of Dunedin was fined almost $30,000 for allowing his. Ward, who is part of the Institute for Justice, is representing Ficken free of.

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Dunedin, FL Foreclosure Press Conference Government victim Jim Ficken displays Dunedin officials' grand theft. and Jim was on the hook,” said Institute for Justice Attorney Andrew.

Dunedin retiree Jim Ficken may lose his home because his front lawn. and Jim was on the hook,” said Institute for Justice Attorney Andrew.

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. of Jim Ficken because he owes $29000 in fines over his tall grass.. The Institute for Justice (IJ), is suing the city to prevent it from taking.

Jim Ficken, a 69-year old resident of Dunedin, is being threatened with. The Institute for Justice will continue to defend Jim's constitutional.

Jim Ficken, 69, was fined more than $29,000 – $500 per day of. The Institute for Justice has taken up his case and is fighting the city for trying.

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