For Profit Schools Turn Students Into Debt Zombies; It’s Time To Kill The Entire Pell Grant Program

The Pell Grant program stands to lose $3.3 billion under the fiscal year 2018 House Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations bill set to be discussed today.

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Top Colleges for Accounting in the USA Its. of education in the US, students graduate from college with an expectation they need to make more than they can to pay off student debt. The same holds true (and even more so) for those going.

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For-profit schools rely on Pell grant students. finally, more than half (53 percent) of full-time students at for-profit universities use Pell Grants to fund their education, compared to about 27 percent of students at private universities and 32 percent of students at public universities.

Education officials kicked the school out of the federal financial aid program in 2014 for lying about its graduation rates, forcing the company to sell or close its schools.

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Its. of education in the US, students graduate from college with an expectation they need to make more than they can to pay off student debt. The same holds true (and even more so) for those going.

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